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About Us

Accelerating digital transformations

DigitrailX is a team of experienced digital and IT transformation project managers with a background in various industries including manufacturing, retail, financial services and logistics.

We base our work on five core principles:

Pragmatic Solutions
Every well-executed project is based on an excellent plan. We evaluate different options, but always keep our goal in mind to quickly enter into execution mode and achieving quick-wins on the way.

We simplify complex topics as precisely as necessary and as minimally as possible, so that an informed decision can be taken.

We are independent consultants and not intersted in pushing a certain technological solution, but to propose the solution that brings the highest benefit to our clients.

Economic Viability
Every investment needs to have a return. We help to identify economic and non-economic objectives taking into account risk-affinity and other factors that affect project success.

We collaborate with partners who bring in the right competencies for digital transformation projects to ensure the achievement of economic and non-economic goals that have been set.


Thomas Schatzer

Managing Director

Thomas has a passion for digital innovation and transformation and enjoys helping his clients to take advantage of the opportunities that digital and other emerging technologies offer.

His expertise includes developing digital and IT strategies, delivering successful company transformations, kick-starting digital innovation projects and running M&A and Post-Merger integration projects.

Thomas is fluent in English, German, Italian and Spanish and when he is not at work, he loves road biking, hiking and climing in the Dolomites.

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