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Our Projects

Technology Strategy Consulting

Typically, our technology strategy consulting projects follow a three-step appraoch:

  • Discovery - Analyse the status quo and benchmarking (2-6 weeks)

  • Envisioning - Define the required future state (4-6 weeks)

  • Planning - Lay out the plan to realize the future state (2-4 weeks)

Some typical technology strategy projects include:

  • Digital Strategy - We review your business strategy, analyze your digital technology portfolio and, together with your team, we define a digital strategy that enables employees, suppliers, partners and clients to create new revenue streams and save costs.

  • IT Strategy - We review your business strategy and IT landscape and envision together with your team the future of IT that fits your business needs and aspirations, areas of interest might include Organizational, Workforce, Process and Technology Readiness, Information Security and Enterprise Architecture​

  • Sourcing Strategy - We help you to define your sourcing strategy to make conscious make-or-buy decisions and guide you on the way to transition from the current to the future sourcing model​, also supporting the vendor selection process

  • Information Security Strategy - We help you to identify your cyberattack exposure and to define quick-wins, mid- and long-term intiatives to achieve a high level of information security resilience

  • Data Strategy - We analyze your current business needs and the data landscape. Together with you, we define a target data architecture based on state-of-the-art technology that allows you to make data-driven decisions not only based on revenue and cost, but on a broader scale.

Transformation Management as a Service

Typically, our transformation management projects cover the following stages:

  • Initial technology strategy definition (8-16 weeks)

  • Detailed transformation planning and preparation (2-12 weeks)

  • Actual implementation project (varying)

Some typtical transformation management projects include:

  • Digital Transformation - We can help you to set up and steer your digital transformation program to realize the qualitative and quantitative objectives you expect

  • IT Transformation - We help you to plan your IT Transformation and to manage this complex project so that you build a technology platform, which enables innovation and cost efficiencies

  • Digital Workplace Transformation - We review your digital workplace from a technological and organizational perspective and help you to develop a plan to increase the productivity of your workforce while optimizing cost

  • Technology Change Management - We help you to organize your project in a way that all relevant stakeholders are informed, their questions and concerns are taken into account. We accompany you to a new way of working with a new technology - only if all users are enabled, a technology implementation project will achieve expected benefits

Project Management as a Service

Typically, our project management assignments cover the following stages:

  • Detailed planning and preparation (2-12 weeks)

  • Project realization  (varying)

Some typical project management engagements include:

  • Digital Innovation - We set up your digital innovation project and get it running from conceiving the business model and actual product in design thinking workshops and customer feedback sessions to building the product and helping you in the commercialization of your digital innovation

  • IT Project Management - We are experienced project managers with technological know-how and help you and your team in planning an IT project and executing it based on the objectives and milestones defined;  exemplary projects include ERP implementation or custom software development

  • Post-Merger Integration - We have extensive experience in post-merger integration projects with a focus on IT post-merger integrations. We have the mindset and the tools, allowing you to integrate a newly acquired target into your organization. We accompany you starting from the due diligence to the full integration

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